Rowley Szilagy
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Party Wall Surveyors

We are experienced party wall surveyors acting for either Building Owner, Adjoining Owner or as Agreed Surveyor under the provisions of the provisions of the Party Wall (Etc) Act 1996.

We can advise you on whether the Party Wall Act applies to either your property or that of your neighbour, issue the necessary notices and produce or agree the Party Wall Award with the other surveyor, detailing the agreed provisions if a dispute has occurred under the meaning of the Act.  This is a legal document with the weight of law and requires careful and accurate compilation and correct publication under the provisions of the Act.

It is often a requirement for a schedule of condition to be undertaken to affected aspects of the adjoining owners’ property for appending to the Award (See previous section on schedules of condition).  This acts as a useful record of the condition of the neighbouring (adjoining) property before commencement of the works.