Rowley Szilagy

The Full Picture – Recording a Rooftop Photographic Schedule of Condition

Client: Homes England

We were asked to produce a photographic record of condition of a large private school in Cheshire to accompany a sale and leaseback agreement prior to redevelopment works within the site.

As with any commercial lease, repairing obligations will need to be observed and it was agreed by both parties that a photographic schedule of condition be prepared and appended to the agreement so as to have a record at the date of completion.

Given the complex roof construction, high-level towers, chimneys and concealed valleys, it was agreed that the exterior of the property should sequentially inspected using a large-reach articulated cherry picker. This allowed us to record the roof on a slope-by-slope basis, viewing stacks, gutters and feature stone and leadwork not visible from ground level.

Having successfully completed the survey, the only remaining issue was that of nomenclature: when is a tower a turret, a turret a ridge-turret and a cupola a cupola even when it is on a ridge-turret? Answers on a postcard please…