Rowley Szilagy

Pinnacle House Roof Repairs

Client: DPP Law

Having undertaken the full Commercial Building Survey to facilitate the purchase of this fabulous building for an established local firm of Solicitors, we were further instructed to tackle the rainwater ingress through the roof level parapet gutters.  The biggest challenge here was the height of the parapets and other details that needed repair but, in anticipation of the works being required when we had a suitable access platform on hire during the building survey, we took all the necessary details to allow us to fully assess the works without further inspection.

The most economic method of re-sealing the huge area of lead sheet lining the back gutters was use of a Liquid Plastics roofing system and working in partnership with the material supplier, Sika Liquid Plastics and an approved and registered local Roofing Contractor, a suitable specification was established and quotation negotiated.

The works were successfully completed on time and on budget allowing the client to move forward with plans for internal refurbishment and remodelling to suit their head office use.